Gene mutations linked to ALS open up new avenues for research.

This is an exciting time for researchers in the ALS field
and I wanted to share with you some encouraging developments in our scientific
progress as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s
farewell speech.



    Can we please do everything possible so that part of the AWARENESS we are creating is for the terrible lack of choices given to TODAY’s patients. ALSA is to be commended for its leadership in fighting for future cures for future generations of ALS sufferers, but the fact is 90% of current ALS patients will not live to see the benefit of anything that’s still in trial or not yet in trial phase.

    Why is the ALSA silent on IPLEX? This drug is proven to be safe for use in humans, and the FDA acknowledges its possible effectiveness for use against ALS symptoms. Furthermore, Iplex has had *overwhelmingly* favorable results in the individuals with ALS who’ve been granted their rights to try it.

    A civil rights violation is being perpetuated because FDA is overstepping its guidelines of judging risk and efficacy, and citing opaque economic issues in their vigorous opposition of our rights to try the drug.

    Now this is something America needs to be aware of! Iplex is THE pivotal issue in enabling 35,000 Americans to fight for their lives. And this country is now the only one in the world denying its citizens the chance at using Iplex, in a time when there are zero effective alternatives in fighting ALS.

    If you want to learn more, contact me through this site. If you want to help, please contact me or the FB Group: REAL ALS Awareness on July 4th!.

    We need the ALSA to be on the right side of this issue! Don’t forget TODAY’s patient and their right to fight for their lives!

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