ALS Community and Baseball Fans Unite 4ALS Awareness! Live ALS Reaeach Update to be Webcast on July 16th

Hello there again baseball fans,

During a live webcast this July 16th at 6:30PM, ALS TDI will
provide the latest information on
ALS TDI’s research from the first half of 2009, introduce the new online Drug
Development Pipeline interface and preview planned studies and experimental
approach for the second half of the year. 
Dr. John McCarty will join me
in answering your questions and in providing the latest information
on progress being made at ALS TDI. Dr. McCarty will also have a special report
on impressions from reports and presentations made during the International
Society for Stem Cell Research Conference taking place in Barcelona, Spain
this month. This event is offered free of charge and registration takes only a
moment via this link:



Steven Perrin, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer

ALS Therapy Development Institute

Click Here to Donate to ALS TDI: (

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