As Director of Therapeutics Investigation at ALS TDI with extensive
credentials in academics and industry, part of my job is to be aware of what is
happening around the world in working towards understanding this devastating
disease – why it initiates and progresses and what are the prospects for drugs
that will slow and stop the loss.  Researchers in our labs and around the
world are making real progress towards this immediate goal.


This progress brings biologists and other researchers like me to
recognize that I and others working in this field have come full circle to
nearly realizing the dreams that motivated us to become researchers in the
first place: the drive to make a difference and to touch lives with new
therapies.  To get an idea of what we at ALS TDI are excited about, check
out what Steve Perrin, who leads our
research institute, has to say on our program’s progress and, in particular, on
a potential therapeutic that we are particularly bullish on (click here to
watch this video


I have two messages for all the PALS and CALS and family and friends:
first, Hold Fast, the drugs are out there, somewhere on a bench or in an
animal study that are going to make a difference.   Our lab alone has
some 40 unique projects in evaluation and we have a very ambitious program
aimed at understanding the disease and to derive biomarkers that can enable
better and faster clinical evaluation of prospective drugs.  And finally: Get
– we and other organizations welcome new partners as we change
forever the prospects and prognosis associated with this long neglected, unmet
medical need.  If you are able, consider making a donation in support of ALS


Thank you,


John McCarty, Ph.D.

Director Therapeutic Investigations – ALS TDI



P.S. If you or someone you know has a question about Lou Gehrig’s
disease please post a comment below on this blog or take advantage of the
world’s largest online discussion board by posting your question on the ALS
Forum (click
. With most members ALS Patients and Caregivers, the ALS Forum is a
unique place where you can ask questions and get answers from people that know
what ALS means for patients and family.  Also, you can learn more about
ALS Research during our monthly webinars: times and dates of those online
discussions and presentations are available by clicking

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